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Small People, Places & Things  See also  "HEIGHT IMPAIRED"
Program Description
Charlie Hoover/FOX/1991-92 Tiny Invisible Man Talks Only To Accountant
Dr. Shrinker/ABC/1977 Scientist Shrinks People With Radiation Machine
Fantastic Voyage/ABC/1968-70 Submarine Crew Gets Miniaturized to Molecular Level
Inch High, Private Eye/NBC/1973-74 Very Small Detective
Land Of The Giants/ABC/1968-70 Plane Crash Victims Caught In Land Of Giants
Little People, Big World/TLC/2006+ In depth documentary that follows the Roloffs - an extraordinary family composed of both little and average-sized people.
Owl/TV/PBS/1985-87 The Mighty Mites, Three Youngsters Shrink To Microscopic Size
Small & Frye/CBS/1983 Tiny Private Eye & Partner
Tom of T.H.U.M.B./ABC/1966-69 The Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau
The World of Giants/SYN/1959 Undercover Agent Reduced To Height of Six-Inches




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