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Program Description
Against The Grain/NBC/1993-94 High School Football Coach 
All Our Saturdays/ITV/1973 Garsley Garment's Unsuccessful Rugby Team
American Dreams/NBC/2002-2005 East Catholic High School Track Scholarship Winner
Angel Falls/CBS/1993 High School Basketball Coach
Arli$$/HBO/1996-2002 Super-Athlete's Super-Agent
Arsenio/ABC/1997 All-Sports Cable Network Co-Anchor 
Atletico Partick/BBC/1995-96 Sunday League Football Club
The Bad News Bears/CBS/1979-80 Little League Baseball Team
Ball Four/CBS/1976 Baseball Pitcher/Writer
Barefoot In the Park/ABC/1970-71 Honey Robinson's Pool & Billiard Emporium
Baseball/PBS/1994 History of Baseball Documentary (9 Part)
The Bay City Blues/NBC/1983 Baseball Team And Manager
Better Days/CBS/1986 High School Basketball Player
Big Eddie/CBS/1975 Sports Civic Center Owner
Big Wave Dave's/CBS/1993 Surf Shop Owner
The Bill Cosby Show/NBC/1969-71 High School Physical Education Coach
B. L. Stryker/ABC Mystery Movie/ABC/1989-90 Retired Boxer
The Bionic Woman/ABC/NBC/1976-78 Injured Women's Tennis Pro Turned Spy
Breaking Away/ABC/1980-81 Bicycle Racer
Bringing Up Jack/ABC/1995 Sports-Related Radio Talk Show Host
Brother's Keeper/ABC/1998-99 Pro Football Place-kicker & Sports Agent
Camp Runamuck/NBC/1965-66 Summer Camp Counselors
Champs/ABC/1996 Former High School Basketball Champions
Cheers/NBC/1982-93 Retired Baseball Relief Pitcher
Coach/ABC/1989-97 College Football Coach
The Contender/CBS/1980 Boxer
Cutters/CBS/1993 Olympic Track Star & Professional Golfer Turned Barber/Stylist
Davis Rules/ABC/CBS/1991-92 Equipment Manager For Panther's Baseball Team
A Different World/NBC/1987-93 College Coach/Counselor
Double Trouble/NBC/1984-85 Gym and Dance Studio Owner
The Duke/NBC/1954 Boxer
The Duke/NBC/1979 Boxer Turned Private Eye
8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter/ABC/2002-2005 Sports Writer/Columnist
Evening Shade/CBS/1990-94 P.E. Teacher/High School Football Coach
Everybody Loves Raymond/CBS/1996-2005. Sportswriter
Fallen Hero/GRA/1978-79 Professional Rugby Player Sidetracked by Injury
Family Rules/UPN/1999 Basketball Coach Widower Raises Four Teen Daughters
1st & Ten/HBO/1985-89 Football Team Manager
For Your Love/NBC/WB/1998 NFL Place-kicker Turned Architect
Frasier/NBC/1993-2004 Radio Station Sports Call-In Show Host
Freshman Dorm/CBS/1992 Free-Spirited Surfer/College Student
Friday Night Lights/NBC/2006-2007 High School Football in the Small Town of Dillon, Texas
Full House/ABC/1987-95 TV Sportscaster
George/ABC/1993-94 Former Heavy Weight Boxer Turns Guidance Counselor
Gidget/ABC/1965-66 Teenage Surfer
Good Sports/CBS/1991 Washed-up Football Star Turned ASCN TV Sports Announcer
Hagen/CBS/1980 Sportsman/Hunter/Trapper
Hang Time/NBC/1995-2000 Deering H. S. Boy's Basketball Team "The Tornadoes"
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper/ABC/1992-97 Pro Basketball Player Turns High School Coach
Hardball/FOX/1994 American League Baseball Team & Management
Harry & The Henderson/SYN/1990-92 People's Sporting Goods Company Executive
Hear We Go Again/ABC/1973 Ex-LA Rams Quarterback Turned Restaurateur
Hi Honey, I'm Home/ABC/NIK/1991 Mr. G's World-o-Golf Golfball Salesman
Hidden Hills/NBC/2002-03 Kids Softball Coaches
Howdy Doody/NBC/1947-60 Ugly Wrestler
The Hughleys/ABC/UPN1998-2002 Dave's Extreme Sporting Goods Store
Hulk Hogan's Rock N' Wrestling/CBS/1985-87 Wrestling Personalities
Hurricanes/PAX/1996 American Teenager Manages Soccer Team
I Am The Greatest: The Adventures of Mohammad Ali/NBC/1977-78 Boxing Champ
I Spy/NBC/1965-68 Spies Pose As Pro Tennis Players
I'll Fly Away/NBC/1991-93 Maniacal High School Wrestling Coach
In The House/NBC/1995-97 Injured Pro Football Player Turned Landlord 
Inside Schwartz/NBC/2001-02 Sports Buff Aspires To Become Big-Time Sportscaster
The Jersey/DIS/1999 Sports Jersey Transports Wearer into Body of Sports Stars
The Joe Palooka Story/SYN/1954 Heavyweight Boxer
Just The Ten Of Us/ABC/1988-90 Parochial School Gym Coach
Kate & Allie/CBS/1984-88 WNTD-TV Channel 10 TV Sportscaster

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