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Stuntmen & Stuntwomen  See also "Motion Pictures"
Program Description
Baywatch/SYN/1991-2000 Aspiring Stuntwoman/Lifeguard
Big Brother Jake/FAM/1990-94 Hollywood Stuntman Assists Foster Home
Bizarre/SHO/1980-86 Jinxed Daredevil
Cybill/CBS/1995-98 Hollywood Stuntman
Danger Is My Business/SYN/1958 Hazardous Professions Profiled
Danger Zone/SYN/1960 Danger Seekers
The Fall Guy/ABC/1981-86 Hollywood Stuntman Moonlights As Bounty Hunter
The Four Seasons/CBS/1984 Hollywood Stuntwoman
I Had Three Wives/CBS/1985 Actress/Martial Arts Expert/Stuntwoman
So This Is Hollywood/NBC/1955 Hollywood Stuntwoman
Stunt Dawgs/SYN/1992-93 Crimefighting Stuntmen
Stuntmasters/SYN/1991-92 Thrill-Seeking Daredevils
Super Dave/FOX/1992-93 Accident-Prone Stuntman
Super Dave/SHO/1987-92 Accident-Prone Stuntman
Super Dave's Vegas Spectacular/USA/1995 Accident-Prone Stuntman
Super Stunts/DSC/1996 Hollywood's Most Hair-raising Moments
Thrillseekers/SYN/1972-73 Hazardous Professions Profiled
The Ultimate Challenge/FOX/1991 Daredevils

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