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Program Description
Agony Again/BBC/1995 TV Talk Show Host
All Is Forgiven/NBC/1986 Soap Opera Staff
Almost Perfect/CBS/1995-96 TV Cop Show Producer & Writers
The American Girls/CBS/1978 "The American Report" TV Newsmagazine
Anything But Love/ABC/1989-92 Television Critic for Magazine
Behind The Screen/CBS/1981-82 Soap Opera Staff
The Bonnie Hunt Show/CBS/1995-96 TV Station Newsroom Reporter
The Brian Benben Show/CBS/1998 TV Anchor Demoted To Lifestyles Reporter
Buffalo Bill/NBC/1983-84 Local Talk Show Host
Coach/CBS/1989-97 TV Newswoman/Talk Show Hostess
The Critic/ABC/FOX/1994-95 Nerdy Cable TV Movie Critic
D.C./WB/2000 Junior Field Producer For A Cable News Station
The Dick Van Dyke Show/CBS/1960-66 TV Comedy Writers (The Alan Brady Show)
Diff'rent Strokes/NBC/ABC/1978-86 Exercise Show Hostess
Doctor, Doctor/CBS/1989-91 On-Air Advice Doctor on WNTVs "Wake Up Providence"
Domestic Life/CBS/1984 On-Air News Commentator For KMRT-TV "Active 8 News"
Dream On/HBO/FOX/1990-96 Host of Geraldo-Style TV Talk Show
Drop The Dead Donkey/C4/1990-98 Staff Of London TV Station Newsroom
E.N.G./LIF/1989-90 TV Newsroom Employees
Early Days/NIK/1990 Staff Of TV Show
Eight Is Enough/ABC/1977-81 Researcher/Reporter For KTNS-TV Channel 8
Family Man/ABC/1988 TV Comedy Writer
Family Ties/NBC/1982-89 WKS-TV, Channel 3 PBS Station Manager
A Fine Romance/ABC/1989 Travel Program Co-Hosts on Ticket To Ride
Fitz & Bones/NBC/1981 News Reporter
Foul Play/ABC/1981 Talk Show Hostess
Fresh Prince of Bel Air/NBC/1990-96 TV Weather Girl
Full House/ABC/1987-95 Sportscaster/Talk Show Host
Good Morning, Miami/NBC/2002-04 WWEN-TV Producer Revamps Morning Show
Going Places/ABC/1990-91 TV Show Comedy Writers (Here's Looking At You)
Good Sports/CBS/1991 TV Sportscasters
Goodnight, Beantown/CBS/1983-84 WYN-TVs 6 O'Clock Report News Co-Anchors
Goodnight Sweetheart/BBC/1993-99 TV Repair Man Warps To WWII London
Grapevine/CBS/1992 TV Sportscaster
Greg the Bunny/FOX/2002 Bunny Host of Children’s Show, “Sweetknuckle Junction” 
Harper Valley/NBC/1981-82 Reporter For WHV-TV Channel 29
Harry And The Hendersons/SYN/1990-93 Channel 10 "The News at 5" TV Reporter
The Hero/NBC/1966-67 TV Cowboy Star
Hey, Mulligan/NBC/1954-55 TV Studio Page
Hi Honey, I'm Home/ABC/NIK/1991 TV Sitcom Family Relocated  To New Jersey
Home Improvement/ABC/1991-99 "Tool Time" Fix-It Cable Show Host & Assistant
Hope & Gloria/NBC/1995-96 TV Talk  Show Producer & Staff
Hotel Cosmopolitan/CBS/1957-58 Actor
How I Met Your Mother/CBS/2005+ Female TV Reporter Admired by  Single Guy
How To Marry A Millionaire/SYN/1958-60 "Go For Broke" TV Game Show Hostess
Imagine That/NBC/2002 TV Comedy Sketch Writer
It's Garry Shandling's Show/SHO/FOX/1986-90 TV Comedy Writers & Neurotic Comic
The Jack Benny Show/CBS/NBC/1950-64 TV Comedian
The Jackie Thomas Show/ABC/1992-93 Egotistical TV Star & Comedy Staff Writers
Jemima Shores Investigates/THA/1983 TV Reporter And Part-Time Private Eye
Jessica Novak/CBS/1981 KLA-TV Channel 6 "Closeup News" Reporter
The Joey Bishop Show/NBC/CBS/1962-65 "The Joey Barnes Show" Talk Show Host
Julie/ABC/1992 "The Julie Carlisle Show" TV Variety Show Star
Just Our Luck/ABC/1983 KPOX-TV Weatherman
Kate & Allie/CBS/1984-88 WNTD-TV Channel 10 TV Sportscaster
The Larry Sanders Show/HBO/1992-98 Late Night Talk Show Host And Staff
Lateline/NBC/1998-99 Late Night Network News Program Staff
Less Than Perfect/ABC/2002-2006 New Female Assistant to Vain TV News Anchor  at GNB Television Network (the 22nd floor)
Life with Bonnie/ABC/2002-2004 Female Host & Crew of Talk Show Morning Chicago
Live Shot/UPN/1995-96 TV Co-Anchor & News Room Staff
Lost On Earth/USA/1997 Struggling Newscaster Adopts Aliens
Love, Sidney/NBC/1981-83 TV Soap Opera Actress

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