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Program Description
Madame's Place/SYN/1982-83 Puppet Hosts "Madame's Place" Late-Night Talk Show
Mama Malone/CBS/1984 Cooking Show Hostess
Martin/FOX/1992-97 Assoc. Producer/Host of Speak Out (Word On The Street)
The Martin Short Show/NBC/1994 TV Comedy Variety Star
The Mary Tyler Moore Hour/CBS/1979 Variety Show Hostess
The Mary Tyler Show/CBS/1970-77 WJM-TV Channel 12 News Staff & Anchorman
Max Headroom/ABC/1987 Network 23 News Reporters
Mr. Belvedere/ABC/1985-1990 WBN-TV Channel 8 Metro News Sports Anchor
Mobile One/ABC/1975. KONE-TV Channel 1 "11 O'Clock News" Reporters
Molloy/FOX/1990 KQET-TV "Wonderland" Children's Show Actress
Monty/FOX/1994 Right-Wing (Conservative) Host of TV Talk Show
Mork & Mindy/ABC/1978-82 KTNS-TV Channel 31 News & "Wake-Up Boulder" Host
The Mothers-In-Law/NBC/1967-69 Scriptwriter
Murphy Brown/CBS/1988-98 CBS-TV Weekly "F.Y.I." News Anchorwoman
My Talk Show/SYN/1990 Amateur Talk Show Hostess
The New Dick Van Dyke Show/CBS/1971-74 KXIU-TV "The Dick Preston Show"
Newhart/CBS/1982-90 WPIV-TV "Vermont Today" Talk Show Host & Its Producer
On The Air/ABC/1992 Director & Staff of  "The Lester Guy Show" Variety Show
Pepper Dennis/WB/2006 Rising WEIE-TV news station journalist falls in love with news anchorman
Platypus Man/UPN/1995 Cooking Show Host
Please Stand By/SYN/1978-79 Oil Executive Buys Rural TV Station
Pulaski The TV Detective/BBC/1987 TV Miniseries Detective
Room For Two/ABC/1992-93 .Wake Up, New York TV Talk Show Host & Producer
Roxie/CBS/1987 UHF-TV Station Programmer
Rude Awakening/SHO/1998-2001 Alcoholic Ex-TV Soap Star
Scorch/CBS/1992 1300-Year-Old Dragon Poses As TV Weatherman's On-Air Puppet
Shell Game/CBS/1987 KJME-TV Channel 6 Consumer Affairs TV Show Producers
Simon/WB/1995-96 Vintage Television Cable Network Programmer
The Sinbad Show/FOX/1993-94 Host Of Children's TV Science Show
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Talk Show Hostess
The Six O'Clock Follies/NBC/1980 Armed Forces Vietnam (TV) Network "The Follies"
Something So Right/NBC/ABC/1996-98 TV Actress Plays "Thena: Warrior Goddess"
Sports Night/ABC/1998-2000 Continental Sports Channel Cable Sportscasters & Crew
The Stockard Channing Show/CBS/1980 KXLA "The Big Ripoff" Consumer Advocate
Studio 5-B/ABC/1989 TV Anchorpersons & Crew
$weepstake$/NBC/1979 Lottery Show Emcee
Tabitha/ABC/1977-78 Production Assistant
The Tortellis/NBC/1987 Tortellis' TV Hospital TV Repairman
T.V. 101/CBS/1988-89 High School Students Prepare Video News Reports
2 Hip 4 TV/NBC/1988 Teenager Magically Transforms Basement Into TV Station
2000 Malibu Road/CBS/1992 Screenwriter & Television Executive
The Two of Us/CBS/1981-82 Talk Show Host
V/NBC/1984-85 News Reporter
Webster/ABC/SYN/1983-88 WBJX-TV Channel 6 Sportsguy (Papadopolis on Sports)
W.E.B./NBC/1978 Trans-Atlantic Broadcasting Network TV Executives
Who's Watching The Kids/NBC/1978 KVGS-TV Newsman/Weatherman
WIOU/CBS/1990-91 WNDY-TV Channel 12 News Director & Reporters/Anchors
Wish You Were Here/CBS/1990 Stockbroker Camcord's His Vacation
Wings/NBC/1990-97 Abusive Talk Show Host of "The Mary Pat Lee Show"
WYSIWYG/YTC/1992 Alien Reporters For Intergalactic TV Station Monitor Earth
Yes, Dear/CBS/2000-2006 CBS TV Studio Executive/Accountant

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