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Hey You - Perfume created by Olfalo perfumes for a skit on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Gilda Radner as the 'Hey You' Woman - SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

The mock-commercial starred comedian Gilda Radner as The Woman:

[Open to woman sitting alone at a bar]

Announcer: Not all women are looking for Mr. Right. Sometimes they might just want a little company for the evening. That's why Olfalo created Hey, You!

[The Woman holds up perfume and sprays it on herself ]

Just one whiff does the trick, for those occasions when you can't afford to be subtle.

[Men flock all around The Woman ]

Hey, You! The scent you can't ignore.

The Woman: [Spotting a man sitting by himself across the bar, whispers seductively] Hey, You!

[Man approaches the woman, who gets up and leaves with him

Announcer: Hey, You! for that special someone you never expect to see again.

[Cut to the next day, as the woman - clothes and hair messed up from her romantic encounter - hobbles out of a hotel and tries to catch a taxi]

Announcer: Hey, You! The Perfume for One-Night Stands.

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