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Jungle Gardenia - Perfume introduced by Tuvache in 1932 and given away by Bob Barker as a consolation prize to the losers on the daytime quiz show TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES/CBS/NBC/1950-58.

Bottle of 'Jungle Gardenia' perfume by Tuvache

Reportedly, Bob Barker, a well know animal lover and advocate ("Don't forget to spay and new neuter your animals" spoken at the end of his game show THE PRICE IS RIGHT) eventually stopped giving away the perfume due to the animal testing involved in the manufacture of the product.

The original Jungle Gardenia fragrance is a blend of bitter orange oil, clary oil, heliotrope, sage. gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley, tarragon, tuberose, violet leaves, ylang ylang,  musk, oakmoss and sandalwood.

Cinema actress to wear Jungle Gardenia included Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford. Elizabeth Taylor, and Fay Wray who starred in the movie King Kong (1933).

Limitd Edition Print Ad for Jungle Gardenia Perfume

Jungle Gardenia was also used by character Mame Dennis, who appeared in the Broadway play and movie adaptation Auntie Mame (1958) starring Rosalind Russell.

The perfumes of Tuvache:

  • 1932 Jungle Gardenia
  • 1938 Cossack
  • 1938 Highlander
  • 1938 Ze Zan
  • 1940 Algiers
  • 1940 Moroccan Rose
  • 1940 Lilac Royal
  • 1940 Sumatra
  • 1944 Arabie
  • 1945 Jasmin from Egypt
  • 1946 Love Of Your Life
  • 1946 Tuvara
  • 1946 Reve de Paris
  • 1959 Violet
  • 1960 Nectaroma
  • 1964 Tuvara
  • 1962 Oh! de London
  • 1975 Laughter
  • 1981 Jungle Jasmine

In 1995, Coty introduced a floral fragrance recommended for evening wear called Jungle Gardenia. It contains blends of coconut, bananas, peaches, white flowers and gardenias.

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