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Doug McClureKyle X. Applegate Films - On the sci-fi sitcom OUT OF THIS WORLD/SYN/1987-91 Doug McClure appeared as Kyle X. Applegate, the mayor and later police chief working in Marlowe, a small coastal town in Northern California. Before his political career Kyle was an actor (a la Clint Eastwood) who starred in two television series COWBOY KYLE and THE FLORIDIAN; and a number of feature films including The Good, The Bad and the Unattractive, Gunfight at the Pretty Good Corral, a 1962 cannibalism film called Please Don't Eat the Daileys and Gidget Goes to Gettysburg.

His COWBOY KYLE series featured Cowboy Kyle, the marshal of Laramie Heights (Doug McClure appeared in a series called LARAMIE) who had a horse named Myron and a dentist sidekick, Sheldon Moskowitz. Because he a wore fancy ruffled shirt, Kyle earned the nickname "The Ruffleman." (a parody of the western series THE RIFLEMAN starring Chuck Connors.)

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