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Paul ReiserPaul Buchman's Films - Documentary filmmaker Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser) lived in Manhattan on the sitcom MAD ABOUT YOU/NBC/1992-99. During his career he has worked at the Explorer Channel and produced a number of films. They included:

  • A Day at the Zoo
  • A Day in the Life of a Button
  • The Fastest Tailor in New York
  • The Fastest Short-Order Cook in NYC
  • A Halloween Parade
  • History of the television for HBO
  • Hooter Vacation [made under a pseudonym]
  • How to Find ’em and Make ‘em Yours
  • The Last Milkman in New York City
  • Mr. Sciences episodes
  • New York at Night
  • On Dog Sledding for ESPN2
  • The 70th Anniversary of Yankee Stadium
  • Slumlords
  • Weed
  • (a film about an Iraqi Janitor at the Pentagon)
  • (a film about a so-called survivor of the Titanic)
  • (a film about Falcons at the Chrysler Building)
  • (a film about The Time Square Ball Dropping Ceremony on New Year’s Eve)
  • (an autobiography portrait called Buchman)

Paul has begun but not finished films about the Boston Garden, coyotes in Central Park and a project about Freddy Stadler. He’s also done other projects including work for the NYC tourism campaign, a project for Yoko Ono, an airline safety video, a gum commercial and political coverage for Brockwell’s mayoral campaign.

Paul colleagues in the documentary business included Ike, Paul's editor; Remy and Stacey, Paul's assistants; Eddie Mermelman, a.k.a. Warren, Paul's editor and cameraman; Lou Bonaparte, Paul's producer; and documentary filmmakers Ken Burns, Seymour Loach, Andre Duquette and the two Yee brothers.

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