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Photograph of Baseball Player Jim LonborgSam Malone's Baseball Photo - Behind the great oak bar of the Boston based pub "Cheers" on the sitcom series CHEERS/NBC/1982-93, there was a black & white photograph of a baseball pitcher, supposedly Sam Malone (Ted Danson), the program's leading character who used to be a relief pitcher for the Red Sox. It was not Sam, however, but a photograph of real-life baseball player, Jim Lonborg who pitched for the Boston Red Sox from 1965-71 and who later became a Boston dentist. Both Sam and Jim wore No 16 on their jerseys.

In a 1987 episode, Sam Malone gave the photograph away as a keepsake to Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson), a bartender at Cheers, when he thought Woody had to move home to Indiana. At the last minute, Woody stayed and so did the photo.

On the series 1993 finale episode, Sam Malone closes his bar for the night. As he moves through his establishment, he stops at a photograph of  legendary 19th Apache Indian leader Geronimo that is hanging crooked on the wall. Adjusting the photograph to level, Sam departs.

The photograph originally hung in the dressing room of actor Nicholas Colasanto who played bartender Ernie "Coach Pantusso. When he (and his character) died in 19865, the photograph became part of the studio set.

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