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Cast of SEINFELDSeinfeld Films - On the situation comedy SEINFELD/NBC/1990-98 stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends liked to go to the movies together. Occasionally, there were references to these films in the script like Home Alone 2 that George Costanza watched alone in Jerry's apartment (and cried "That old man got to me!"). When Jerry and his pals were not cueing up at the movie theater, they browsed the  shelves of the Champagne Video Store for something to watch.

Here is a list of the many movies they viewed or spoke about on the show:

  • Agent Zero ("The Pool Guy")
  • Barcelona ("The Engagement")
  • Blame it on the Rain ("The Calzone")
  • Brown-Eyed Girl ("The Pool Guy")
  • Blimp-The Hindenburg Story ("The Puerto Rican Day")
  • Checkmate (" The Pool Guy")
  • Checkmate ("The Movie")
  • Chunnel ("The Pool Guy")
  • Chow Fun ("The Pool Guy")
  • Cry, Cry Again ("The Little Kicks")
  • Cupid's Rifle ("The Pool Guy")
  • Death Blow ("The Little Kicks")
  • Firestorm ("The Pool Guy")
  • Means to an End ("The Calzone")
  • Mountain High ("The Pool Guy")
  • The Muted Heart ("The Engagement")
  • The Pain and the Yearning ("The Comeback" - recommended by Vincent, a youthful film critic)
  • Ponce De Leon ("The Dog")
  • Prognosis Negative ("The Dog")
  • The Other Side of Darkness ("The Comeback")
  • Rochelle, Rochelle ("The Movie")
  • Sack Lunch ("The English Patient")
  • Weekend at Bernie's 2 ("The Comeback" - The "Gene Pick") [Kramer sees the film at a video store and says "Now, that's an hilarious premise." Elaine decides to rent 'Bernies' but regrets it saying (shouting at the TV screen) "Bernie is dead, you moron!...Just because he's wearing sunglasses he looks alive?! (picks up video box) Ugh, how long is this weekend, anyway? Ugh!"]

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