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You're in the Picture - The prime time game show YOU'RE IN THE PICTURE/CBS/1961 was one of the biggest flops and one of the shortest lived shows in TV history. The program's format invited four celebrity panelists to stick their heads through cut-outs in an oversized picture scene, the kind found at amusement park. Using clues supplied by host Jackie Gleason, the celebrity guests had to guess the subject of the picture in front of them. When the group successfully identified the picture, they started over with a new picture to solve.

Unfortunately, Jackie Gleason was so disappointed at the show that on the very next week's broadcast, he greeted the viewing audience and apologized for the show's poor quality calling it "that bomb." He then reworked the show into THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW, an interview talk show that ran from January 27 through March 24, 1961.

TRIVIA NOTE: A few years later a show called TURN-ON was cancelled by ABC 10 minutes into the broadcast on February 5, 1969. The program was a blatant LAUGH -IN imitator using fast-paced animation, videotape, stop-action film, electronic distortion, and computer effects. Laugh-In performer Teresa Graves was a guest-star, in the first and only episode.

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