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Pig Boy -Workplace nickname of Sal (Curtis Armstrong), a half-man, half-pig researcher who worked for The World Chronicle newspaper in New York City on the occult newspaper adventure THE CHRONICLE/SCI/2001-2002.

Curtis Armstrong as Sal the 'Pig Boy'

Headquartered in the basement archives of the Chronicle, Sal (who sports the snout of a pig) uses his talents as a computer hacker to locate archived stories and other pertinent bits of information needed by the newspaper's investigative reporters.

Sal aggressively pursued the women on the staff and when rebuked for his behavior, he replied "What' do you expect, I'm a pig!"

When criticized for his porcine condition, Sal proudly proclaims "I maybe half-pig, but I'm half-man and that's 1/4 of what I need."

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