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Couch Potatoes ® - The society for the prolonged viewing of television.

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The Couch Potatoes ® organization feels that "in a country where there are more homes with televisions than with indoor plumbing," it was time for television watchers to "come out of the closet and lie down and be counted." Their motto (emblazoned on official T-shirts worn while watching the tube) read: "Sic Semper Potatum Reclinus."

Their official emblem (circular in shape) depicts a large spud reclining on a couch in front of a TV set. It was designed by underground cartoonist and illustrator, Bob Armstrong, one of the nine Couch Potato® elders.

The organization (now defunct) included both "Couch Potatoes®" and "Tater Tots" (the younger members). The children were encouraged to watch as much TV as possible stressing historical programming like DAVY CROCKETT, YANCY DERRINGER and THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF WYATT EARP. Watching shows such as SESAME STREET or THE ELECTRIC COMPANY was a violation of one of their ten commandments: "Thou shalt not watch anything educational or British." The group's unofficial membership was calculated to be in the millions. To join, individuals needed to state why they deserved to be a couch potato and list their five all-time favorite television shows.

Their publications included Tubers Voice (written during commercials); Dr. Spudd's Etiquette For The Couch Potato® (Pamphlet); The Official Couch Potato Handbook; and A Guide To Prolonged Viewing.

The game show COUCH POTATOES/SYN/1989 hosted by Marc Summers teamed three players each to compete for $5000 by answering TV trivia questions.

TRIVIA NOTE: In the late 1980's in Massachusetts, another group came into existence called the Potato Anti-Defamation League. It was formed in response to the negative association with prolonged TV viewing.

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