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The Poddington Peas - The inhabitants of a happy community of little green peas featured on the animated British children's series THE PODDINGTON PEAS/BBC/1989. Originally a comic strip, the peas' stories are told in thirteen 4½-minute segments.

The Poddinton Peas

According to the programs' theme song, the Peas live "down at the bottom of the garden" in a little village of flower pots.

The main characters consist of:

  • Garden-Pea, Zip-Pea, (the community leaders)
  • Hip-Pea (a guitar-playing hippy)
  • Hap-Pea
  • Sweet-Pea
  • Dump-Pea
  • Nap-Pea (who wears diapers)
  • Soap-Pea (he can make bubbles)
  • Tea-Pea (a cafe owner)
  • Scrap-Pea (a junkyard owner)
  • Dough-Pea (a baker)

Of course, the bad guys in the village are called Creep-Pea and Black-Eye-Pea. Their mischievous activities included stealing all the Peas presents at Christmas and holding various village residents prisoner in Creepy Castle. Other landmarks in the area are Poddington Hall, and Poodle Island.

Aside from some British lingo like "Chips" (French Fries) and "Marrow" (Squash) the program is easy to understand and will easily capture the imagination of the show's young viewers.

The program was created by Colin Wyatt. It aired 13 episodes.

The Poddington Peas


Down at the bottom of the garden,
Among the birds and the bees,
A little lot of little people,
They call the Poddington Peas.

There's Creep-Pea, Black-Eye-Pea and Dump-Pea.
Keep it a secret now please.
There's Zip-Pea, Hap-Pea and there's Sweet-Pea.
And all the Poddington Peas!

The Poddington Peas!


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