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LCPD - The police drama T. J. HOOKER/ABC/CBS/1982-87 featured the exploits of 15-year veteran Sgt. T. J. (Thomas Jefferson) Hooker of the LCPD police department who transferred from his plainclothes position to a uniformed beat cop after his partner was killed so that he could track down the kind of perpetrators responsible for his partner's death.

William Shatner as T.J. HOOKER

Hooker was assigned to the LCPD Academy Precinct where he offered the new recruits the benefit of his years of experience on the force.  T.J. reported to Richard Herd as the by-the-book Captain Dennis Sheridan.

Officers interacting with T.J. Hooker included:

  • April Clough as Officer Vicki Taylor (a recruit)
  • Heather Locklear as Officer Stacy Sheridan (a trainee and the Captain's daughter. She's Hooker's godchild)
  • Adrian Zmed as Officer Vince Romano (a trainee from South Philly)
  • James Darren as Officer Jim Corrigan (Stacy's partner when she graduated to street patrol. They become romantically involved))
  • Lt. Pete O'Brien as Hugh Farrington (wheelchair-bound)
  • Debra Blee as Officer Lisa Christopher

Officer T.J. Hooker and Officer Romano patrolled the streets in a unit 4-Adam-30. Officer Stacy Sheridan and her partner Officer Corrigan patrolled in unit 4-Adam-16 (changed to 4-Zebra-16).

Outside of the academy T.J.'s personal life involved relationships with:

  • Lee Bryant as T.J.'s ex-wife, Fran, a nurse who lives in Oregon
  • Susan McClung as daughter, Cathy Hooker
  • Nicole Eggert (later Jennifer Beck) as daughter, Chrissy
  • Andre Gower as his young son, Tommy
  • John McLiam as T.J.'s father, John Hooker
  • Shawn Weatherly as Claudia, T.J's friend
  • Pamela Brull as Sherry, the local bartender

Cast of T.J. HOOKER Police Series

TRIVIA NOTE:  The grounds of the American Film Institute's Motion-Picture Library in Los Angeles doubled as the LCPD Academy.
Reportedly, the initials  LCPD (never heard on the series) stand for  "Lake City Police Department."

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