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LAPD: Adam-12 - The Los Angeles-based police series ADAM-12/NBC/1968-75 followed the day-to-day exploits of officer Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) and his rookie partner, Jim Reed (Kent McCord) as they drove about the city of Los Angeles in their patrol car identified as Adam-12. The series was produced by Jack Webb, the creator of the classic police series DRAGNET.

Martin Milner and Kent McCord - ADAM-12

Other officers on duty with the LAPD included:

  • William Boyett as Sgt. MacDonald
  • Fred Stromsoe as Officer Jerry Woods
  • Gary Crosby as Officer Ed Wells
  • Art Gilmore as Lt. Moore
  • Claude Johnson as Officer Brinkman
  • William Stevens as Officer Waters
  • Robert Patten as Detective Sgt Stone
  • Kenneth Washington as Officer Miller
  • Jack Hogan as Sgt. Jerry Miller
  • Chuck Bowman as Detective Cole Edwards
  • Robert Rothwell as Officer Russo
  • William Elliott as Officer Grant
  • Marco López as Officer Sanchez
  • Shaaron Claridge as Dispatcher
  • Don Ross as Investigator Kincaid
  • Jim B. Smith as Investigator Johnson
  • William Stevens as Officer Jerry Walters
  • Art Balinger as Captain Grant
  • Dan Ferrone as Police Officer Johnson
  • Eve Brent as Ginger
  • Jerome Sheldon as Danny Simmons
  • Dorothy Neumann as Louise Hammond
  • Marc Hannibal as Officer Deacon
  • Doug Johnson as Investigator J.J. Strickland
  • Mary Angela Shea as Policewoman
  • Robert Dowdell as Lt Tom Ashton
  • Carlos Romero as Detective Sanchez
  • Arnold F. Turner as Officer Snyder
  • Lee Stanley as Officer Brinkman
  • Quintin Sondergaard as Lt Moore
  • Byron Keith as Deputy Chief
  • Marshall Reed as Capt Edwards
  • William Wellman Jr. as Officer Snyder
  • Edward Faulkner as Sgt Ed Powers
  • Juanita Moore as Police Commissioner Edna Dixon
  • James W. Gavin as Officer Mills

"One-Adam Twelve, a 415 man with a gun...One Adam-12, no warrant Lincoln, X-Ray, Ida 483...One Adam Twelve...415, fight group with chains and knives..."  [Opening Narration: Voice of Shaaron Claridge, radio-operator at the Los Angeles police station in Van Nuys]

In 1989, a remake of the the ADAM-12 series featured Peter Parros as married Officer Gus Grant; Ethan Wayne as single Officer Mark Doyle and Miguel Fernandes as watch commander Sergeant Harry Santos.

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