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The Mod Squad -  The police drama THE  MOD SQUAD followed the exploits of three teenagers ("One white, one black, one blond") who worked undercover for the Los Angeles Police Department.


The Mod Squad consisted of:

  • Michael Cole as Pete Cochran
  • Clarence Williams III as Linc Hayes
  • Peggy Lipton as Julie Barnes 
  • Tige Andrews as Capt. Adam Greer, the group's supervisor

Before joining the Mod Squad, each of the teenagers got in trouble with the law. Pete Cochran (the serious white guy) stole a car (this made his wealthy Beverly Hills parents very sad).  Linc Hayes (the cool black guy) was arrested during the Watts riots (Linc was one of 13 kids raised in the ghetto). And Julie Barnes (the pretty blonde) was a runaway arrested for vagrancy (her mom was a San Francisco prostitute).

 As a form of sentencing, the three were offered a deal to work for the police in a special undercover youth squad as Hippie cops during their probation period. As Captain Adam Greer told his superior "they can get into a thousand places that we can't" And so began...The Mod Squad.

The Mod Squad drove around in a 1960 station wagon dubbed "Woody," until it was driven off a cliff in the second season.

TRIVIA NOTE: The Return of Mod Squad (a made-for-TV reunion movie) aired on ABC May 18, 1979. The plot involved a killer who  targeted Captain Adam Greer as a ruse to draw out the original members of The Mod Squad.

In 1999, the series was made into a theatrical film starring Claire Danes as Julie Barnes; Giovanni Ribisi as Peter Cochran and and Omar Epps as Lincoln Hayes. It told the story of three delinquents who were recruited by LAPD Captain Adam Greer (Dennis Farina) to go undercover and bust a drug ring run by crooked cops.

In later years, Peggy Lipton appeared as Norma Jennings, the owner of the Double-R Diner that served damned good pie and coffee in the 1990 quirky drama  TWIN PEAKS, and Clarence Williams III starred on the Hallmark Channel 2003 MYSTERY WOMAN series as Philby, a retired spy working in a bookstore.

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