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NYPD 13th Precinct - The Manhattan base of operation for the police drama KOJAK/CBS/1973-78/ABC/1989-90.

Telly Savalas as KOJAK

Lt. Theo Kojak is a bald, plainclothes detective of Greek descent working at the 13th Precinct in the Manhattan South division of the New York Police Department.

Hanging on the wall behind his desk was a portrait of his father, a Greek soldier bearing the name Captain Theocradus Kojakzakilas.

Kojak satisfied his cravings for cigarettes with lollipops. His catchphrase is "Who love ya, baby?"

Telly Savalas as Kojak talks with the men of the 13th Precinct
Kojak talks with the men of the 13th Precinct

The duty roster at the 13 Precinct included:

  • Dan Frazer as Chief Frank McNeil
  • Kevin Dobson as Det. Bobby Crocker
  • George Savalas (Demosthenes) as Det. Stavros
  • Mark Russell as Det. Saperstein
  • Vince Conti as Det. Rizzo
  • Borah Silver as Sergeant Prince
  • Bruce Kirby as Sergeant Al Vine
  • Victor Campos as Detective Gomez
  • Alan Manson as Lieutenant Steve Nicola
  • Tige Andrews as Sergeant Geno Polucci
  • Lou Ferragher as Detective Cleary
  • James Luisi as Capt. Henry 'Hank' Rosseau
  • Richard Karlan as Uniformed Captain
  • Kenneth McMillan as Lt. Becker
  • William Martel as Desk Sargeant
  • Lynette Mettey as Officer Joannie Garretty
  • Paul Picerni as Detective Albert Cohen
  • George Wyner as Sergeant Collins
  • Daniel J. Travanti as Captain Badaduchi
  • Alex Courtney as Detective Evans
  • Bill Houston as Detective
  • Ron Max as Officer Mason
  • George Lee Miles as Sgt. Resnik

The Kojak character also starred in three made for TV movies including The Marcus-Nelson Murders (1973), the pilot for the series.; Kojak: The Belarus File (1985); and Kojak: The Prince of Justice (1987), where Kojak has been promoted to Inspector.

TRIVIA NOTE: In 2005, the series was revived shortly (10 episodes) with Ving Rhames as Lieutenant Theo Kojak, this time as a tough African-American (and, of course, he, too, liked lollipops).

The officers on duty this time around included:

  • Michael Kelly as Det. Bobby Crocker
  • Chuck Shamata as Det. Henry Mussina
  • Sybil Temtchine as Det. Emily Patterson
  • Chazz Palminteri as Capt. Frank McNeil.
  • Martin Roach as Det. Walters

Telly Sevalas as KOJAK holds a lollipop

Ving Rhames as KOJAK holds a lollipop

Telly Savalas and Ving Rhames with a lolipop

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