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SCPD: The Rookies - The police drama THE ROOKIES  featured three rookie police officers fresh from the academy who worked for the  Southern California Police Department (SCPD) at Station Number 9..

Cast of police series THE ROOKIES
SCPD officers Danko, Gillis and Webster

The primary characters were:

  • Georg Stanford Brown as Officer Terry Webster, an African-American recruit
  • Sam Melville as Officer Mike Danko, a former marine
  • Michael Ontkean as Officer Willie Gillis
  • Bruce Fairbairn as Officer Chris Owens (who replaced Gillis)
  • Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Lt. Eddie Ryker, the officers hard-nose police commander
  • Kate Jackson as Mike's wife, Jill Danko, a hospital nurse.

Other officers on duty at the SCPD included:

  • Robert Harland as Sgt Older
  • Ron Stokes as Officer Marlow
  • Bill Williams as Captain Fin Whitfield
  • Frank Lugo as Sergeant Pilar
  • Kenneth Tobey as Officer Corbett
  • Cheryl Ladd as Bank Manager
  • James Sikking as Captain Gentry
  • Don 'Red' Barry as Officer Kellogg
  • Jerome Guardino as Officer Louden

THE ROOKIES - First Season DVD

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