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Colonel March of Scotland Yard -  The British police drama  COLONEL MARCH OF SCOTLAND YARD/SYN/1953-54 starred Boris Karloff (Universal Studio's "Frankenstein") as intrepid Scotland Yard Detective Colonel Perceval Clovis Adelbart who wore a black eye patch over his left eye.

Boris Karloff as Colonel March of Scotland Yard

Colonel March worked as the head of Department D-3, a special investigative division of Scotland Yard. Assisting Colonel March were Ewan Roberts as Inspector Ames and Eric Pohlmann as Inspector Gordon.

The series was inspired by American mystery writer John Dickson Carr who wrote under the pen-name Carter Dickson a series of tales about "The Department of Queer Complaints" (1940) that featured master criminologist Colonel March who investigated seemingly impossible to solve "X-Files" type cases. The short stories included: "The New Invisible Man"; "The Footprint in the Sky"; "The Crime in Nobody's Room"; "Hot Money"; "Death in the Dressing-Room"; "The Silver Curtain"; and "Error at Daybreak."


TRIVIA NOTE: Scotland Yard is the popular nickname of the London Metropolitan Police in England. The name "Scotland Yard" has its origin (so goes one story) because the land used for earlier police headquarters was entered through a courtyard later used by Sir Christopher Wren and known as "Scotland Yard."

The yard was popularized in the many Sherlock Holmes novels , movies and TV series that depicted the bumbling Scotland yard Inspector Lestrade.

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