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The Sweeney - The police drama THE SWEENEY/ITV/1975-78 starred John Thaw as maverick British Detective Inspector Jack Regan, a foul-mouthed, unorthodox leader of an elite team of Scotland Yard detectives called "the Flying Squad" - Metropolitan police's elite armed-robbery unit (called 'the Sweeney' from the Cockney rhyming slang 'Sweeney Todd' = 'Flying Squad').

Dennis Waterman and John Thaw - THE SWEENEY

Others dealing with the Flying Squad included:

  • Dennis Waterman as Det. Sgt. George Carter
  • Tony Allen as Bill the Driver
  • Garfield Morgan as Det. Chief Insp. Frank Haskins
  • John Alkin as DS Tom Daniels
  • Martin Read as DC Jimmy Thorpe
  • Morris Perry as Det. Chief Supt. Maynon
  • Benjamin Whitrow as Det. Chief Supt. Braithwaite
  • James Warrior as Det. Con. Jellyneck
  • John Flanagan as DS Matt Mathews
  • Nick Brimble as Det. Con. Gerry Burtonshaw
  • Stuart Wilson as DI Ken Knowles
  • Nicholas McArdle as Inspector Wilson

During the run of the series, it was difficult to tell the cops from the criminals as both groups resorted to womanizing, heavy drinking, and physical abuse. If necessary, Inspector Regan and his cop cronies were not above threatening or beating up a suspect to get information.

The series THE SWEENEY, was created by Ian Kennedy-Martin and produced by Ted Childs for Euston Films (a Thames Television subsidiary). It was a spin-off of the successful 1974 TV movie Regan.

Moive Poster from 1977 film 'Sweeney!' based on the TV series starring Jhn Thaw as Inspector Jack Regan
1977 Theatrical Spin-off of the TV series

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