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Due South - The police drama DUE SOUTH/CBS/SYN/1994-98 followed the exploits Constable Benton Benton Fraser (Paul Gross), a Canadian Mountie who teamed with streetwise Chicago police detective Ray Vecchio (David Marciano).

Constable Benton Fraser and Ray Vecchio - DUE SOUTH
Constable Benton Fraser and his partner, Ray Vecchio

Fraser's shared his home with a deaf, lip-reading pet wolf named Diefenbaker. When Benton's apartment burned down in the first season [episode 3], he moved into the Canadian Consulate.

The ghost of Benton’s murdered father occasionally visits him to discuss life.  His dead father, Robert Fraser (Gordon Pinsent), a Mountie killed in the line of duty, reveals himself to Fraser from time to time to offer guidance to his son.

Other police officers who worked with Fraser included:

  • Beau Starr as Lt./Capt. Harding Welsh
  • Tony Craig as Det. Jack Huey
  • Daniel Kash as Det. Louis Gardino
  • Catherine Bruhier as Elaine Besbriss, the police dispatcher
  • Leslie Nielsen as Mountie Sgt. Buck Frobisher, a klutzy but competent Mountie and old friend to Benton's father.
  • Tom Melissis as Det. Thomas E. Dewey
  • Dean McDermott as Constable Turnbull (run over by a bus)
  • Camilla Scott as Inspector Margaret Thatcher
Ray: Police, drop your weapon!
Robber: You drop yours. 


That's not how this works. 

Benton's partner Ray eventually went under cover with the A.T.F. and so Fraser got a new partner, a fast-talking cynical cop named Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski (Callum Keith Rennie).

Ray, Benton and Stanley would later work together to bring to justice, an illegal arms dealer named Muldoon (Bo Svenson) who had killed Fraser's mother year earlier. With Muldoon captured, Benton's ghostly father faded away.

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