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R.C.M.P. - The gritty police drama R.C.M.P./SYN/1959 followed the exploits of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment stationed in the rural northern Saskatchewan town of Shamattawa.

R.C.M.P. starring Gilles Pelletier as Corporal Jacques Gagnier

R.C.M.P. officers on duty at this Northwestern division included:

  • Gilles Pelletier as Corporal Jacques Gagnier
  • Don Francks as rookie sidekick Constable Bill Mitchell.
  • John Perkins as Constable Frank Scott
  • William Bourne as Constable Wilson C
  • Angus Baptiste as Special Constable Ben Aputagen
  • Bernard McManus as Mayor Bill Cartwright

A typical day in the life of an R.C.M.P. officer in Shamattawa might include searching for a wife-beater, a lost car, looking for the writers of bad checks, tracking a killer, handling a disturbed teenage boy armed with six-shooters, fighting machine-gun-totting bank robbers, rescuing a man trapped under an overturned oil tanker, posing as a safety inspector at a paper mill, investigating a case of arsenic poisoning,  handling an medical emergency by performing an operation with the doctor giving instructions - by telephone, or discovering bones under a bed.

Other times, the officers might find themselves deep in the Canadian wilderness like the time Corporal Gagnier discovers two criminals hiding out in backwoods cabin along the Muskrat River. Or when Gagnier and Scott traveled a weeks journey by dog team from the Sandfly trading post to rescue an injured trapper. And then there was the time the officers investigated a report of an illicit still at an Indian Reservation.

In the end, despite the hardships and the trouble a criminal might give the officers, the R.C.M.P. always got their man.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series 39 episodes were the co-production the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC in the United Kingdom and Australian Broadcasting Commission and Crawley Films Production. The towns of Aylmer, Quebec and Outlook, Saskatchewan were used as the backdrop for the fictional town of Shamattawa.

 The R.C.M.P. motto (commonly thought to be "We always gets our man") is actually "Maintiens le droit" (Uphold or Maintain the Right).

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, organized in 1873 as the Northwest Mounted Police, to bring law and order to the Canadian frontier. It became known as the R.C.M.P. in 1920 and acts as the country's federal police force in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec, who have their own provincial law enforcement authorities. The R.C.M.P. investigates such major crimes such as money laundering, counterfeiting, organized crime, drug offenses, etc.

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