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Twins Peak, Washington - The bizarre prime time drama TWIN PEAKS/ABC/1990-91 starred Michael Ontkean as Sheriff Harry S. Truman who worked in the fictional idyllic Northwest town of Twin Peaks near the Canadian border.

Klye McLachlan and Michael Ontkean - TWIN PEAKS
Special Agent Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman

When Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), a 17-year-old homecoming queen is found murdered,  Special FBI Agent Dale Cooper arrives in town to investigate of the gruesome crime. Sheriff Truman and his deputies, Tommy 'Hawk' Hill (Michael Horse) and Andy Brennan helped Cooper search for clues to the identity of the killer.

Throughout their investigation Sheriff Truman and Agent Cooper ran across some strange and unconventional characters, including

  • Catherine Coulson as Margaret, the Log Lady
  • Don S. Davis as Air Force Major Garland Briggs
  • Wendy Robie as Nadine Hurley, a crazy one-eyed local woman
  • Jack Nance as Pete Martell, a henpecked lumberjack
  • David Lynch as Gordon Cole, a hard-of hearing FBI agent

Eventually Cooper and Truman learn that Laura's own father Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) was responsible for the killing of his daughter as well as Madeliene "Maddy" Ferguson, Laura's lookalike cousin (played by Sheryl Lee). The actual killer was an ominous spirit called BOB, who channeled his evil through Leland.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was filmed in the picturesque community of Snoqualmie, Washington. The rustic Salish Lodge doubled as the fictional Great Northern Hotel where Agent Cooper stayed during his visit to Twin Peaks.

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