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Sci-Fi Police

Psi Corps - Futuristic police force on the sci-fi series BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98.

Psi Corps Insignia - BABYLON 5
Psi Corps Insignia

Created in 2161, the Psi Corps' mission was to train persons with latent telepathic powers and use them to read the minds of those who were a threat to the stability of Earth or to act as go betweens in business negotiations to discern nefarious schemes.

Andrea Thompson appeared as telepathic Talia Winters (later revealed to be a mole planted by Psi Corps) who was stationed onboard space station Babylon 5.

Talia had deep distrust for the Psi Corps especially Mr. Bester (Walter Koenig, formerly Chekov on the sci-fi series STAR TREK) a high ranking member of the Psi Corps who always had a hidden agenda. Mr. Bester was fond of reminding all his recruits: "You were raised by the Corps, clothed by the Corps. We are your father and your mother."

Walter Koenig as Alfred Bester Psi Corp Cop with P12 rating - BABYLON 5
Alfred Bester, Psi Corps Cop

Psi Corps members labeled "Bloodhounds" seek out rouge telepaths and bring them back into the fold.

Psi Corps recruiters offered those with telepathic abilities two choices: Join the Psi Corps or be sorry they didn't. Those choosing not to comply with the Psi Corps were imprisoned or administered psychic-suppression drugs that smothered their telepathic abilities.

Telepaths that refuse to take drugs ("sleepers") or join the Corps become "blips." They are placed in concentration camps. Each Blip much wear a bracelet that is coded with personal information (P-Rating, etc.).

Females telepaths who refuse to participate are raped or artificially inseminated as part a breeding program to produce more powerful telepaths.

The Psi Corps rates telepaths in gradations for P-1 (minimal telepathic ability) through P12 (extremely telepathic). Genetic experiments to expand the telepathic abilities were conducted on selected telepaths to try to create P13+ categories.

Former Psi Corps member Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman) was telepathically enhanced by the Vorlons to the point where her telepathy jumped to the psychokinetic range. She could invade a person's mind and even physically injure them with a thought.

Generally, all mind scans required a court order or the person's permission. Certain rouge telepaths followed their own conscience and violated the established rules.

A group of rouge telepath, lead by Byron (a maverick Psi Corps officer) took refuge in space station Babylon 5. When the Psi Corps attempted to retrieved these psychic runaways, they fought back. The death of Byron at the hands of The Psi Corps planted the seeds for a Telepath War.

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