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Space Rangers - Galactic police force on the children's sci-fi adventure ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER/SYN/1954. The Space Rangers protected the 21st century inhabitants of the United World Solar System.

Rocky Jones, Vena Ray and Winky - ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER
Rocky Jones, Vena Ray and Winky

Members /associates of the Space Rangers included:

  • Richard Crane as Rocky Jones, chief of the Rangers
  • Scott Beckett/Bill Lechner as Winky, the co-pilot
  • Robert Lyden as Bobby, a rookie ranger-in-training
  • Maurice Cass as Professor Newton, a slim, aging inventor genius reminiscent of the first Doctor Who
  • Sally Mansfield as Vera Ray, the one Rocky Jones was always saving in the nick of time.
  • Dian Fauntelle as Yarra, the slightly overdressed female who wore a cape, evening gown, large silk waistband, dangling earrings and a necklace.
  • Support players: Crystal Reeves, Ralph Brooks and Robert Carson.

The Space Rangers wore dark jackets, tee shirts, and baseball caps. Their insignia was a sphere with the tips of a triangle protruding from it surface.

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger - Title Credit

Their sleek, needle pointed spacecraft,  the Orbit Jet (later the Silver Moon) carried them through the galaxy. The four fins at the its base doubled as landing pods. XV-2 is Rocky's radio code.

TV premiums purchase by the viewers of the program called "Junior Spacemen" included clothing, toy, comics, etc. A sample of a record produced was "Rocky Jones and the Space Pirates" 45 RPM Columbias MJV-4-153.

The program closed with "Be with us again next week when we again take you into outer space with Rocky Jones, Space Ranger."

TRIVIA NOTE:  Almost 40 years later another program called SPACE RANGERS/CBS/1993 aired on prime time television.


Set in the year 2104 at Fort Hope on the planet Avalon, the series featured a renegade band of Space Rangers who fought the sinister forces of the universe.

The Space Rangers consisted of:

  • Jeff Kaake as Captain John Boon, the leader
  • Jack McGee as Doc Kreuger, the ship's bionic flight engineer, (aka "Tin Man"), He nicknamed the ship, the "Tin Lizzie"
  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Zylyn, a master of the Zylyusian Flute Sword from the planet Grakka
  • Marjorie Monaghan as JoJo Thorson, a gorgeous, towering blond from the planet New Venus who thought men were wimps. She was the pilot of Ranger Slingship #377 (Shark's teeth are painted on the nose of the ship).
  • Danny Quinn as Daniel Kincaid, a youthful cadet

The Space Rangers reported to Commander Chennault (Linda Hunt).

Other on duty at Fort Hope were Clint Howard as Mimmer, a scientific genius; and Erich Weiss, an officious space official who disliked the Rangers' cavalier, undisciplined attitude.

At the conclusion of a space mission the Space Rangers met at the local bar on Fort Hope Officer's Club and toasted their success with a Zulu, their favorite drink.


Rocky Jones Wrist Watch

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