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Zachariah Gibson's Magic Truck - Enchanted time-traveling trunk seen on the Canadian fantasy series ADVENTURES OF TIMOTHY PILGRIM/TVO/1974.

Zachariah Gibson's Magic Trunk - THE ADVENTURES OF TIMOTHY PILGRIM

The trunk was found by a twentieth century orphan boy named Timothy Pilgrim (Joey Davidson) while looking for a hiding place from Barney a local bully who was regularly extorting $5.00 from Timothy for letting him use a certain street corner for his show shine business.

Seeking refuge from his pursuer, Timothy climbed inside a tattered old trunk with a false bottom that he found in an alley in Toronto and closed the lid. A short while later, he opened the trunk and discovered he had traveled back in time 100 years.

There, he met the owner of the trunk, Zachariah Gibson (David Hemblen), a traveling salesman and seller of elixirs (of questionable benefit) who moved about the countryside in a horse drawn wagon.

Making friends with Zachariah, Timothy had many adventures as he traveled back and forth from Gibson's "present" (1875) to Timothy's "future" (1975) using the wormhole-like trunk as their portal through the years.

The one odd thing about the magical trunk - it moved on its own, so sometimes Zach and Tim had to go looking for it before they could use it.

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