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Captain Sisko's Baseball - On the sci-fi series STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE/SYN/1993-99 Avery Brooks played Captain Benjamin Sisko, the newly appointed commander of space station Deep Space Nine that orbited the planet of Bajor near a wormhole in the Alpha Quadrant.

Captain Sisko's Baseball

Among his many interest, Ben was fascinated with baseball, a sport that hadn't been played since the 22nd century [The poorly attended 2042 World Series spelled the end of the professional baseball].

In his off-hours, Ben and his son, Jake tossed a ball around with the aid of a holographic program that conjure up Ben's favorite baseball players like Tris Speaker, Ted Williams and "Buckaroo" Buck Bokai, the last of the baseball legends.

Obsessed with the game, Ben had once considered traveling eight weeks just to see a live baseball game. To show his respect and admiration for the game, Ben prominently displayed a baseball on his command desk.

The baseball first appeared after the episode "If Wishes Were Horses." The baseball on Ben's desk is presumably the ball tossed by an alien who took the form of Buck Bokai just before vanishing.

On another occasion, when beings who lived in the Bajoran wormhole took Ben hostage to explore the human psyche, Ben used the theory of baseball and its series of pitches to explain the linear passage of time to the uncomprehending aliens.

On episode "Call to Arms" the Cardassian's retake DS9, and Sisko leaves the baseball on his desk as a message that "He's letting me know...He'll be back."

When the Federation returned and defeated the Cardassians on episode "Sacrifice of Angels" the occupying Cardassian commander Gul Dukat was seen clutching Sisko's baseball in one hand while he contemplated his downfall ["Victory was in our grasp...Bajor, the Federation, the Alpha Quadrant, all lost..."]. After Dukat's daughter, Ziyal died at the hands of Damar as a traitor, a remorseful Dukat returned the baseball to Sisko.

On episode "Take Me Out to the Holodeck", Vulcan Captain Solok challenged Ben and his DS9 crew to a game of holosuite baseball. Ben's team, "The Niners," were hopeless but valiantly rallied to defend the honor humanity from the slurs of inferiority caste by the Vulcans. Even though the Vulcan team "The Logicians" won the game on points, Ben's team won the game on team spirit.

As a token of appreciation, Kira Nerys presented Ben with another baseball to place on his desk. This one contained the autographs of all of "The Niners."

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