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Jeannie's Magic Lamp - Ancient Persian bottle that was the home to Jeannie (Barbara Eden), a magical genie on the fantasy comedy I DREAM OF JEANNIE/NBC/1965-70.

Jeannie and her twin sister with the bottle - I DREAM OF JEANNIE
Jeannie and her twin sister with bottle

Jeannie was imprisoned in the bottle by an evil Blue Jinn until Air Force astronaut Anthony "Tony" Nelson (Larry Hagman) found it on a beach and released her from her two thousand year confinement.

Adopting Tony as her new Master, Jeannie returned to live with him in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She still lived inside the bottle but could now travel freely in and out on her own (via a meta-morphing cloud of pink smoke).

The bottle's interior was decorated with a colorful display of curtains and throw-pillows. Occasionally, Tony put the cork back in the bottle to keep Jeannie from interfering with his plans (like going on a date with a beautiful woman).

Tony Nelson Meets Jeannie

"Once upon a time in a mythical place called Cape Kennedy, an astronaut named Tony Nelson went up on a space mission. The missile went up but something went wrong and they had to bring it down.

Captain Nelson landed on an island in the South Pacific where he found a bottle - at least it looked like a bottle - but it didn't act like a bottle because in it...was a genie. Oh not your average every day genie but a beautiful genie, who could grant any wish

Captain Nelson was so grateful, he set Jeannie free, only she didn't want to be free, You how it is when you've been cooped up in a bottle for two thousand years. She wanted to have fun and she wanted to have it with Captain Nelson.

So she followed him back to Coco Beach, a mythical town in a mythical state called Florida and there in this house the girl in the bottle played spin the astronaut."

-- Narration from the first season

TRIVIA NOTE: Barbara Eden still owns one of the purple bottle's used on the show. On the last day of shooting, Barbara took the bottle used on the last show as a souvenir. According to Eden, her bottle was not the first one used on the show because over the run of the series many of the bottles used got broken.

To create a lamp bottle for the show, the studio artists started with a black glass bottle. Then they painted it purple and added ornamentation for an authentic ancient Persian look.

Barbara displays the last bottle used on the show and sample black glass bottle on a wall in her home library.

Once an earthquake struck Barbara's home, and everything in her library fell off the shelves and onto the floor. The rubble blocked the entry way to the room and Barbara pushed her way into the room where she found a pyramid of books on the floor. Luckily, as if by magic, her purple I Dream of Jeannie bottle was found resting at the top of the books and in perfect condition. (Entertainment Weekly 8/12/94 p. 43)

Jeannie's Magic Lamp

"You know what would be cool? To find a girl in a bottle, like 'I Dream of Jeanie'. I'd like to make out with her on that little couch.

 -- Bill Haverchuck, Freaks & Geeks

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