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Wally & Beaver's Toilet - The situation comedy LEAVE IT TO BEAVER/CBS/1957-63 was the first television series to show a toilet (just the tank) when the camera peered into the bedroom bathroom of the Cleaver boys on the October 4, 1957 premiere episode.

Wally and Beaver in their bathroom - LEAVE IT TO BEAVER
Wally replaces lid of toilet tank

On the episode "Captain Jack", Wally and Beaver Cleaver sent away for a pet alligator advertised for $2.50 in the Robots from Mars comic book. To keep the reptile hidden from their parents, the boys kept the 8-inch alligator (nicknamed "Captain Jack") inside their toilet tank, which Wally called an "aquarium."

TRIVIA NOTE: The first toilet flush heard on television occurred on January 12, 1971 when Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor) the bigoted blue-collar loading dock foreman pushed the plunger on his second story toilet on the debut of the situation comedy ALL IN THE FAMILY/CBS/1971-83.

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