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The Banana Splits  - People-size puppet characters (a la SESAME STREET'S Big Bird) on the 60-minute live-action Saturday morning children's program KELLOGGS' PRESENTS THE BANANA SPLITS ADVENTURE HOUR/NBC/1968-70.

The Banana Splits - Drooper, Bingo, Snorky and Fleegle

The Banana Splits were animal rock musicians who introduced variety acts, cartoons, and adventures segments like THE ARABIAN KNIGHTS, THE HILLBILLY BEARS, and THE THREE MUSKETEERS.

The Banana Splits included Bingo, a bongo playing gorilla (voice of Daws Butler); Drooper, a lion (voice of Allan Melvin); Fleegle, the dog (voice of Paul Winchell) and Snorky, a baby Elephant (voice of Don Messick). Fleegle was the only one who didn't wear glasses.

They all lived in Hocus Pocus Park where their cuckoo clock (bird called Kookie) always read 6:55. Their theme was the "Tra-la-la" song.

Hanna-Barbera repackaged the program with other cartoons under the title THE BANANA SPLITS AND FRIENDS SHOW and THE BANANA SPLITS ADVENTURE HOUR.

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