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Krofft Puppets - Talented puppeteers Sid and Marty Krofft were famous for creating full-sized peopled puppets (a la SESAME STREET's Big Bird).

Examples of their puppetry genius appeared in:

  • H.R.PUFNSTUF/NBC/1969-71/ABC/1973 featuring British actor Jack Wild as Jimmy, the owner of a talking golden flute named Freddie who set ashore on the magical land ruled by Mayor Pufnstuf and was pursued by the evil witch Miss Witchipoo (Billie Hayes) who coveted his enchanted flute. The entire landscape of this program was filled with all sorts of talking objects including trees and buildings (shades of McDonaldland).
  • The popularity of their oversized puppets spawned THE BUGALOOS/NBC/1970-72 whose storyline followed the adventures of Benita Bizarre (Martha Raye), a crafty witch determined to destroy the peace and quiet of Tranquility Forest and a group of bee musicians.
  •  LIDSVILLE/ABC/1971-73, a Saturday morning children's adventure about a boy who fell into an oversized magician's hat and found himself in a land of living hats (Cowboy Hat, Top Hat, Nurse Hat etc.).
  • SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS/NBC/1973-75 with the story of two human boys (Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden) who adopted a large green sea monster named Sigmund Ooz (Billy Barty) who was banished from his family because he didn't want to scare people.
  • THE NEW ZOO REVUE/SYN/1972 presented 195 half-hour adventures (strong on songs, dances and jokes for children) of a life-sized frog named Freddie (Yanco Inone); Henrietta, a southern belle Hippo (Larri Thomas); and Charlie the wise Owl (Sharon Baird).

Other puppets series created by Sid & Marty Krofft included:

  • THE KROFFT SUPERSHOW/ABC/1976-78, KROFFT SUPER STARS/SYN/1978 and THE KROFFT SUPERSTAR VARIETY HOUR/NBC/1978 featured recycled episodes of H. R. PUFNSTUF, SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS and such characters as Dr. Shrinker, Electra Woman, Dyna Girl, The Lost Saucer, Wonderbug, Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, Big Foot and Wildboy and Magic Mongo.
  • TONY THE PONY/SYN/1979 told the tale of a boy named Jonathan (Randall Yothers, Jr., aka "Poindexter") and his magical horse.
  • BARBARA MANDRELL AND THE MANDRELL SISTERS/NBC/1980-82 a country/western variety hour which offered a country western band of oversized puppets called "Truck Shackley and the Texas Critters" (five musicians and a dog).
  • D.C FOLLIES/SYN/1987-88., a political satire show with located in a bar  near the White House where all the regulars were puppets who resembled famous politicians., news anchors and celebrities.

The Krofft Puppets - D.C. FOLLIES

TRIVIA NOTE: The tourist attraction "The World of Sid and Marty Krofft" is located in the Omni International building in Atlanta, Georgia. See also - "Splitting Image"

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