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Sigmund Ooze - Timid sea monster who appeared on the children series SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS/NBC/1973-75.

Sigmund at his Clubhouse

Disowned by his fellow family of sea monsters because he didn't have the heart to scare humans, Sigmund Ooze (Billy Barty in a sea monster costume) wandered away from his home at Dead Man's Point along the beaches of southern California until he was befriended by the Stuart brothers, Johnny (Johnny Whitaker) and Scott (Scott Kolden). His new human friends let Sigmund live in their secret seaside clubhouse

Local ocean resident, Sheldon the Sea Genie also befriends Sigmund and help him with his troubles which includes Sigmund's family who want to capture him and force him to be mean. Occasionally, Sheldon's nephew, Shelby will visit and get involved in the action.

Big Daddy, Burp and Slurp
Sigmunds' family - Big Daddy, Burp and Slurp

Big Momma
Sigmund's Mom, a.k.a. "Big Momma"

Theme Song Lyrics
(from Second Season)

Singer: Let me tell you a tale, a very scary tale
About two boys who were surfing one day
On a very weird beach around Dead Man's Point
Where there are haunted sea caves they say
And strange sea monsters have been sighted there. If you're traveling in the area Beware! Beware, Beware! Beware!
Big Daddy: "Sigmund you're a rotten sea monster"
Sweet Momma: "You're a disgrace to the family"
Slurp: "Yea, go out and scare a human or you're through!"
Singer: Meanwhile, back on the beach,
Johnny and Scott are combing the rocks
Unaware that behind them Sigmund lurked
Prepared to give them a shock
Sigmund: "BOO!"

In total surprise the boys eyed this blob - what can it be? And then it groaned and moved and lo! It was a monster from the sea

Now Sigmund the sea monster and Johnny and Scott are friends. The finest friends there ever could be in the land or on the sea.

Now Sigmund the sea monster and Johnny and Scott are friends. The finest friends there ever could be in the land or on the sea


Cast Credits

Rip Taylor as Sheldon the Sea Genie
Johnny Whitaker as Johnny Stuart
Scott Kolden as Scott Stuart
Mary Wickes as Aunt Zelda Marshall
Billy Barty as Sigmund Ooze
Sharon Baird as Big Daddy
Walker Edmiston as Big Daddy Ooze (voice)
Van Snowden as Sweet Mama
Sidney Miller as Sweet Mama (voice)
Bill Germaine/Larry Larsen as Blurp
Paul Gale/Fred Spencer as Slurp
Joe Higgins as Sheriff Chuck Bevans
Fran Ryan as Gertrude Gouch
Margaret Hamilton as Mrs. Eddels, local gossip
Pamelyn Ferdin as Peggy
Sparky Marcus as Shelby
Joey A. Giamalva as Various Monsters (voices)

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