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Teletubbies - Hosts of the British import children's series TELETUBBIES/PBS/1997 who were created by Anne Wood and designed for an infant audience.

Tinky Winky, La La, Dipsy and Po - THE TELETUBBIES

The program featured four dwarf-like roly-poly creatures with antennas on their heads who lived in a landscape of gently rolling hills.

Named Dipsy (Lime Green), Tinky Winky (Purple), Laa-Laa (Yellow), and Po (Red), the Teletubbies frolic, giggle, dance, and say "again" when they want to re-watch short films that are broadcast from the little TV screens found in their fuzzy stomachs. Their favorite phrase is "Uh-oh."

A smiling baby-faced sun overlooks the Teletubbies fantasy land and then sets in the distance at the close of each show after each of the Teletubbies wave "Bye-bye."

TRIVIA NOTE: When Teletubbies debuted on PBS in April of 1998, TV executives criticized the tiny creatures for speaking in baby talk and for being "vaguely evil."

In February, 1999 wire services reported that J.M. Smith, senior editor of Rev. Jerry Falwell's Lynchburg, Virginia-based National Liberty Journal, warned parents that Tinky Winky was a bad role model for children because he "might" be gay.

The evidence? He is a purple–the gay-pride color; and he sported a triangular shaped antenna–the gay pride symbol. (Psst! he also carried a red purse).

For weeks, the talk shows and comedians had a field day with this little Teletubby tidbit. Later, in the March issue of National Liberty Journal Falwell said he didn't "out" Tinky Winky and thought him a "sweet-looking character."

In addition, J.M. Smith said "We weren't saying that he's gay...we were saying that 'other sources' were saying he was gay."

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