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The PJs - The situation comedy THE PJs/FOX/1999 was the first black animated puppet series to air on primetime television.

The cast of the PJs, a stop-motion puppets series on FOX

The PJs plots played out within the mythical Hilton Jacobs inner city housing project (aka "PJs") where the opinionated but good-natured building superintendent Thurgood Stubbs, (voice of Eddie Murphy) contended with his saintly wife, Muriel (voice of Loretta Divine) and a bevy of misfit tenants.

The other cast of characters included:

  • the senior Mrs. Avery who hates Thurgood
  • Haiti Lady who performs voodoo curses on anything/body
  • Jimmy Ho, Thurgood's brother-in-law,  a Korean who'd rather be black
  • Smokey the neighborhood druggie
  • Sanchez, Thurgood's drinking buddy who speaks with the aid of a voice box.

Called "Fat Albert for grown ups," THE PJs featured racy ghetto humor as well as sophisticated foamation puppet techniques created by Will "Claymation" Vinton (of California Raisins fame).  

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