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Dinosaucers - Dinosaur aliens from the planet Reptilion who fought apocryphal battles on Earth with their brutal enemies, the Tyrannos on the animated adventure DINOSAUCERS/SYN/1987-88.


The Dinosaucers enlisted the aid of four Earth teenagers (Sara, David, Ryan and Paul) known as the "Secret Scouts" to find the secret to save their home world from destruction. The teens were each given rings that gave them unique powers ("Secret Scouts ring, Power Up!").

The Dinoscaucers were lead by Allo. His companions were Bonehead, Bronto-Thunder, DiMetro, Itchy, Stego, Teryx and Tricero.

The Tyrannos were lead by Genghis Rex. His henchmen included Ankylo, Brachio, Plesio, Quackpot, Styraco, and Terrible Dactyl.

Opening Narration:

"We used to be four ordinary teenagers
until one day we met these friends from out of town.
They were called...Dinosaucers.
My friends became the Secret Scouts,
allies to these Dinosaucers from outer space
and joined in their battle against
Genghis Rex and the evil Tyrannos."

The Dinosaucers & The Secret Scouts

The Tyrannos vs. The Dinosaucers

Rex: The Dinosaucers! It can't be! You were all fossilized into rocks!
Ichy: The only rocks around here are the ones in your head, fang face.


Voice Credits

Marvin Goldhar as Bonehead/Bronto-Thunder
Dan Hennessey as Genghis Rex/Plesio
Len Carlson as Quackpot/Allo
Ray Kahnert as Stego
Don McManus as Brachio
Thick Wilson as Ichy (Ichthyo)
Rob Cowan as Tricero
Chris Wiggins as Dimetro
John Stocker as Terrible Dactyl/Ankylo
Gordon Masten as Styraco
Barbara Redpath as Sara (a Secret Scout)
Leslie Toth as David (a Secret Scout)
Simon Reynolds as Ryan (a Secret Scout)
Richard Yearwood as Paul  (a Secret Scout)

The Dinosaucers (sixty-five episodes) is a DIC Enterprises Production in association with Michail Maliani Productions.

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