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Extreme Dinosaurs - Extreme Dinosaurs - Group of four bi-pedal dinosaurs featured on the cartoon series EXTREME DINOSAURS/SYN/1997 (52 episodes).

Extreme Dinosaurs
Bullzeye, Spike, Stegz, T-Bone and Chedra

The Extreme Dinosaurs are a band of dinosaurs who awaken in the modern age. Together, with the help of Chedra, a blue female alien, and Hardrock, the group's new dinosaur friend, the Extreme Dinosaurs battles a batch of bad dinosaurs called The Raptors.

The program was sponsored by Mattel who merchandised a line of Extreme Dinosaur action figures.

The Extreme Dinosaurs are:

  • T-Bone - a brown Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and the leader of the Extreme Dinosaurs. He causes earthquakes with his might blows.

  • Bullseye - a red Pteroddactyl (Pterodon) and the most trouble prone of the group. He likes to watch television. His voice generates powerful sound waves that can shatter his enemies. Bullzeye is a loyal customer of Madame Woolenska's Psychic Hotline.

  • Spike - a blue Triceratops and the strongest on the team Spike is very muscular and has one broken horn.

  • Stegz - a green Stegosaurus and the smart one in the group. He likes to search computers for information. When attacked, he rolls into a  ball and uses his spikes to inflict damage on his attackers. 

The Raptors are:

  • Bad Rap - Leader of the villainous Raptors. He plans to take over the world and return the atmosphere back to a nice hot, steamy climate from 65 million years ago.

  • Spittor - Bad Guy No. 2. He shots acid as a weapon.

  • Haxx - Bad Guy No. 3. He carries a laser weapon on his wrist.


Voice Credits

Scott McNeil as T-Bone
Jason Gray-Stanford as Bullzeye
Cusse Mankuma as Spike
Sam Khouth as Stegz
Louise Vallance as Chedra
Andrew Francis as Dylan
Gary Chalk as Bad Rap
Blu Mankuma as Hardrock
Terry Klassen as Spittor
Lee Tockar as Haxx
Marcy Goldberg as Dr. Becky Hardwell

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