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Budweiser Lizards - Known as Louie and Frank, the Budweiser Lizards were a pair of green-with-envy speaking lizards who contemplated rubbing out their amphibian competitors (the Frogs).

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They were introduced in 1998 during Super Bowl XXXII ad spots "Budweiser's Bad Day To Be A Frog" (created by Goodby, Silverstein and Partners).

The 1999 Super Bowl XXXIII continued the frog-hating adventures of Louie & Frank in a series of three ads spots, one of which showed the frogs "literally" giving Louie the lizard a tongue lashing (as payback for the lizards plan to electrocute the frogs).

Frank and Louie later teamed with a ferret who communicated in short, muffled squeaks. See also "Budweiser Frogs"

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