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Nimrod the Lizard Creature - Small lizard-like animal with the potential of growing into a huge sea monster featured on the science fiction series SURFACE/2005-2006.

Nimrod the Lizard Creature - SURFACE

Nimrod ("Nim") lives with Miles Barnett (Carter Jenkins), a 14-year-old in Wilmington, North Carolina. Miles found Nimrod (a.k.a. "Nim") when he and his friend Phil found a nest of strange aquatic eggs while exploring the coast line in the middle of the night. Miles extracts one of the strange eggs from a cluster, brings it home and places it in the family aquarium.

Unfortunately, the egg hatches, and the resulting creature eats all the fish in the aquarium. It then breaks out of the aquarium leaving the house filled with broken glass and water until Miles recaptures the little creature in the bathroom.

With the help of his friend Phil, Miles hides the creature from his mom, Sylvia and sister, Savannah in their backyard playhouse by the pool.

Miles and Phil name the creature Nimrod and then try to feed the baby reptile. After an unsuccessful try at feeding Nimrod sushi, the boys learn that Nimrod prefers live food and so they begin to feed him live goldfishes (on command from a bell).

All's well in the Barnett family until sister Savannah decides to have a party after her parents leave. But when she and her boyfriend Greg (Daniel Newman) go to the playhouse to make out, Nimrod escapes and scares everybody.

The secret of Nimrod was safe for the moment because Miles makes a deal with Savannah (blackmail each other) not to squeal about the unauthorized party if she keeps her mouth shut about Nimrod.

The boys eventually move Nimrod to Phil's above-ground pool. But then Phil who tells a local girl named Amber Lou about the creature to impress her. She, however likes Miles and uses her feminine wiles on Miles to let her see Nimrod. But all good plans come to an end, when Nimrod, jumps out of the pool and eats Amber's poodle for a snack.

Consequently, a guy from Animal Control visited Phil's house to investigate the matter and he was zapped big time from an electric current generated by Nimrod.

Fearful that the man was really hurt, Miles began to realize that maybe he would have to release Nimrod to the ocean to be with his own kind (which were reportedly laying eggs on the ocean floor in mass quantities).

Stealing a car, Phil and Miles headed to the beach, but they were
chased by the police. In the end, Miles reaches the beach and tells Nimrod to go. The police, in turn, arrest the boys, place hand cuffs on them and sentence the boys to Community Cleanup

While on probation, Miles travels to the beach at night in hopes of finding Nim, only to stumble upon a breeding pool of other Nim creatures, one of whom bites Miles. Injured, Miles is sent to the hospital and low and behold Nim shows up and licks Miles wounds, which miraculously heal within a day.

Unfortunately, a security guard shoots Nim, but luckily Nim survives. But now Nim is taken from Miles and placed in a control environment for observation and study.

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