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Andromeda - Artificial female life-form on the British science fiction fantasy A FOR ANDROMEDA/BBC/1961.

Julie Christie as Andromeda

Andromeda (played by Julie Christie) was built by a supercomputer which itself was constructed from guidelines transmitted through space to Earth by a mysterious signal from the Andromeda Galaxy (picked up by a powerful radio telescope). She took her form from the dead lab assistant named Christine who had committed suicide (prompted by the computer).

Esmond Knight, Peter Halliday, Mary Morris and Frank Windsor costarred as British scientists who supervised and investigated this unique woman.

In the sequel to the original series THE ANDROMEDA BREAKTHROUGH/BBC/1962, Andromeda (now played by Susan Hampshire) travels to the Middle East (Azaran) to fulfill her galactic programming directives.

This sci-fi serial was conceived by astronomer Fred Hoyle and writer John Elliot.

For an updated version of the 'Andromeda' plotline see the sci-fi film Species (1995).

Andromeda Anthology - DVD

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