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Energizer Bunny - Plush pink bunny rabbit wearing sunglasses and beach sandals that carried a drum on his chest and constantly pounded his way though a successful series of Energizer Bunny commercials (almost 100 spots) created in 1989 by TBWA Chiat/Day ad agency.
Energizer Bunny Rabbit Energizer Bunny Rabbit Energizer Bunny Rabbit
Keeps going... ...and going ...and going

The Energizer Bunny became a potent spokesman popping up in cartoons, conversations, and political campaigns throughout America. In a backlash to the ubiquitous commercial, late night talk show host David Letterman smashed the pink bunny with a baseball bat.

One of the more memorable commercials followed the Energizer Bunny as he traveled out of the frames of his own commercial and rudely intruded and pounded his way through other commercials (actually parodies) of coffee, sinus remedy and wine spots.

The Energizer Bunny, of course, was powered by Energizer Batteries which enabled the relentless bunny to "keep going and going and going." See also "The Puttermans

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