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7-Zark-7 - Small cylindrical service robot featured on the sci-fi cartoon THE BATTLE OF THE PLANETS/SYN/1978-85.


7-Zark-7 monitored the missions of G-Force from Centre Neptune and provides the members of G-Force with any mission intelligence that will help them fulfill their mission. 1-Rover-1 was his robotic canine companion.

Members of the G-Force included:

  • Chief Anderson, the head of G-Force (Voice of Alan Dinehart)
  • Mark, the leader of G-Force (Voice of Kasey Kasem)
  • Jason, Second-in-command (Voice of Ronnie Schell)
  • Princess, who has a crush on Mark (Voice of Janet Waldo)
  • Tiny, pilot of the Phoenix (Voice of  Alan Dinehart)
  • Keyop, small but powerful team member who was grown from a single cell in a Cerebonic Lab (Voice of Alan Young)

Each member of the G-Force is implanted with a Cerebonic device that gives them superhuman strength and the ability to transform (when they say 'Transmute") into their superhero costumes.

G-Force members - Keyop, Princess, Mark, Jason and Tiny - BATTLE OF THE PLANETS
Keyop, Princess, Mark, Jason and Tiny in their everyday outfits

Members of G-Force - BATTLE OF THE PLANETS (a.k.a, 'Gatchman')
Mark, Princess, Jason, Keyop and Tiny Transformed

G-Force battles the evil Zoltar (voiced of Keye Luke), a sinister hermaphrodite who works for the intergalactic organization known as Spectra.

Opening Narration

Princess... Tiny... Keyop... Mark... Jason... -
and watching over them from Centre Neptune
their computerized coordinator 7-Zark-7!
Watching, Warning, against surprise attacks by
alien galaxies beyond space!
Fearless young orphans, protecting Earth's entire galaxy...
Always five, acting as one...
Dedicated, Inseparable, Invincible!

1-Rover-1 and 7-Zark-7 - BATTLE OF THE PLANETS
1-Rover-1 and 7-Zark-7

TRIVIA NOTE: The 85 episodes of BATTLE OF THE PLANETS series were actually a Japanese series called GATCHMAN that was reedited by Sandy Frank Productions.

The original series was more adult-oriented and so much of the violence was cut out so it could be sold in the American market as a children's program. The character 7-Zark-7 was created as a bridge to explain the action of the G-Force characters.

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