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Big Guy - The Big Guy (voice of Jonathan Cook) is a 12' 10" tall robotic exo-skeleton controlled by ex-test-pilot Lt. Dwayne Hunter on the animated cartoon THE BIG GUY & RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT/FOX/1999-2001.

Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot - Dark Horse Comics

Described as a fancy tank with a soldier inside, the BGY-11, a.k.a. "The Big Guy" was built by the army to protect Nutronic City. When Dr. Axel Donovan created a 3' 8" tall boy robot named Rusty (voice of Pamela Segall) - the latest advance in true artificial intelligence - The Big Guy was retired.

Unfortunately, Rusty couldn't live up to his billing when a huge purple alien from space began smashing the city. The ultra-patriotic Big Guy was resurrected and attacked the alien. When acid ate though his armored arm, BG said "Some times a soldier has to say a farewell to arms. He then merged his damaged arm with Rusty's nucleo-protonic power and defeated the alien.

After BG contained the alien threat, the army re-commissioned Lt. Hunter to partner with Rusty and direct his skills and development. BG, a "For God and Country" minded robot, can hurl missiles, fly in the air and fire weapons built into his arms [when he cocked his arms, his elbow opened to reveal lasers and machine guns. BG travels around in a huge blimp shaped aircraft.

The red haired, Rusty ["I may be small but I'm a pretty darn good robot"] wants to grow up to be just like Big Guy unawares that BG is actually just a robotic skeleton.

Career scientist Dr. Erika Slate (Gabrielle Carteris) from Quark Industries designed Rusty's prototype and maintains his systems as well as a motherly friendship with him (Rusty has no pain receptors but can feel hurt due to circuits that make him feel emotions.) 

Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot in Action

Theme Song Lyrics

Watch the skies coming at you
a hero of metal hue.
He locks horns with disaster
for the red and white and blue.

Then was born a boy robot
miracle of science.
Ready to battle large monsters
supercharged, and
pretty darn good but he needs help...

The Big Guy he's a ...
heart of gold and fists of steel.
Clobbering, he (garble) deeds,
with Rusty at his heel.

...they're a mighty team.
The boy robot lives his dream:
to be a legend in history
the Big Guy and Rusty.

The BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT characters first appeared under Dark Horse Comics' large format comic book published as a two-part mini-series in 1996 that featured a story by Frank Miller and art by Geof Darrow. The animated TV series was produced by Columbia TriStar Television and Dark Horse Entertainment.

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