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Cybernetic & Bionic Beings
Bionic Six - Bionic superheroes on the animated sci-fi adventure BIONIC SIX/SYN/1987.


The Bionic Six consists of members of the Bennett family who used their superhuman bionic strength and abilities to battle the evil schemes of Dr. Scarab (Jim MacGeorge) who perverts the rules of science to his own ends.

The Bennetts and associates included"

  • John Stephenson as Jack Bennett "Bionic-1"
  • Carol Bilger as Helen Bennett "Mother-1"
  • Bobbie Block as Meg Bennett "Rock-1"
  • Hal Rayle as Eric Bennett "Sport-1"
  • Norman Bernard as J.D. "I.Q." Bennett "I.Q."
  • Brian Tochi as Bunjiro 'Bunji' Bennett "Karate-1"
  • Neil Ross as F.L.U.F.F.I.. ( a Bionic ape)
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Prof. Amadeus Sharp
  • Jim MacGeorge as Dr. Scarab
  • Jennifer Darling as Madame O
  • Frank Welker as Glove / Mechanic / Chopper)

The half-hour cartoon series was produced by TMS Productions and MCA/Universal.


Professor Sharp: No, no, you can't! You have a 95 percent  probability of failure!
Karate One: That's only one way to look at it.  
Sport One: Yeah, we have a 5 percent chance of victory!  
Professor Sharp: What sort of people would fight a battle with those odds?  
Bionic One: Heroes, Professor. Heroes. 

--The Bionic Six

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