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DRD - Diagnostic Repair Drone featured on the science fiction adventure series FARSCAPE/SCI/1999-2003.

Diagnostic Repair Drone (DRD) - FARSCAPE

The DRD's are small maintenance robots created by a living biomechanical spacecraft called Moya. The DRDs service Moya's internal operations. The DRDs can be seen scuttling about the ship with their stalk-like eyes as they illuminate their way through Moya's vast corridors searching for things to repair and maintain

The DRD's contain all sorts of tools in their tiny little frames including various tightening devices (wrenches) and lasers. As they move about, the DRS emit an irritating electronic squeaking sound. There are hundreds of DRDs on Moya. The DRDs have also been referred to as a Diagnostic and Repair Darter/Droid/Drones.

The DRD's have been known to swarm around a visitor to the ship and herd that person down the hallways. If the DRDs feel the visitor is a threat to Moya, they can dispatch them with tiny but effective lasers.

Three DRDs
Trio of DRDs in conference

Astronaut John Crichton nearly got himself killed when he discovered a gaggle of droids protecting Moya's soon-to-be born child in the interior of the ship. It was only when the DRDs sensed John was not a threat (and when he put down his pulse rifle) that they retracted their weaponry. The DRD's may be cute and tiny but when need be...they can be very deadly.

While most of the DRDs are nameless, a few have been nicknamed. On episode "Crichton Kicks" John Crichton adopts a DRD to pass the lonely hours as he waits to be rescued from a dying Leviathan biomechanical craft named Elack. John paints the droid red, white and blue and names it 1812 after Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture". The droid is also programmed to play the tune.

Another DRD was nicknamed Pike because it communicated with blinks like the Star Trek character Christopher Pike (one blink for yes, two blinks for no). Poor DRD Pike. He was accidentally trapped in a Starburst Chamber and destroyed by the blast.

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