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Rosey the Robot - Electronic domestic maid on the animated science fiction sitcom THE JETSONS/ABC/1962-63.

Rosie the Robot - THE JETSONS

Rosey (voice of Jean Vander Pyl) was a 21st century mechanized maid hired from the "U-Rent-A-Maid " to work for George Jetson and Family at their Sky Pad Apartments home in Orbit City.

On the episode "Rosey the Maid" Jane Jetsons is in the market for a maid. She meets the sales representative at the U-Rent-A-Maid Service who introduced her to Rosey (who was scheduled to be sent to the scrap yard). When he mentions that Rosey is homely, she replied "I may be homely, but I'm S-M-A-R-T smart."

Rosey (Model XB-500) came with a one-day free demonstration but the being an older model the store couldn't guarantee Rosey so the sale rep reminded Jane that they were not responsible for any damages to her home.

Stills from episode "Rosey the Robot"

Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS

Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS

Title Card

Jane seeks a Maid

Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS

Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS

Jane meets Rosey

Rosey plays with Elroy

Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS
Judy hugs Rosey Rosey scratches George
Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS Rosey the Robot - THE JETSONS
Rosey whips up some leftovers for dinner An angry Rosey dumps a cake on Mr. Spacely

When Elroy came home from school and saw Rosey, he said, "He where did you get the antique juke box." But he soon warmed up to Rosey after she taught him to play basketball.

When daughter Judy met Rosey, she was complaining of all the homework she had to read. Being wired for tape analysis, Rosey helped Judy and provided the answers to her homework in ten minutes.

That night, George Jetson brought home an unexpected dinner guest, namely, his boss, Mr. Spacely who was looking for a good home-cooked meal. He soon became a fan of Rosey's cooking but, unfortunately,  when Mr. Spacely berated George, Rosey defended the family honor and dumped a pineapple upside-down cake on his head.  Mad, Mr, Spacely fired George and left for home.

Luckily, on the way home, Mr. Spacely tasted Rosey's delicious cake and then realized he overreacted. Calling to apologize, Mr Spacely "un"- fired George, offered him a raise and made sure he got invited back to the Jetsons so she could get some more of Rosey's yummy cooking.

Astro the Dog watches Rosey the Robot print out a letter - THE JETSONS
Astro the Dog and Rosey the Robot 

Rosie the Robot with the Jetson Family
Rosey the Maid with the Jetson Family

Rosey the Main later appeared in new episodes of  THE JETSONS that were produced for syndication from 1985-87. Rosey the Maid had only appeared in two of the 24 episodes in the original 1960s series, but was a regular in the 1980s show.

The Rosey character was a robotic version of Shirley Booth who played Hazel the maid on the situation comedy HAZEL/CBS/1961-66.   

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