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Inspector Gadget - The animated series INSPECTOR GADGET/CBS/1983-86 featured a klutzy, police Inspector fitted with numerous bionic parts who worked for Interpol. His nemesis was a criminal known as Dr. Claw from the evil organization MAD.

Inspector Gadget

Aiding Inspector Gadget was his pig-tailed niece Penny (who used a computer  and wristwatch to gather information; her dog Brain (who dressed in diguises) and a nerdy sidekick named Corporal Capemen. Gadget's boss was Chief Quimby . He gave Gadget his assignments (written on self-destructing paper).

Whenever Inspector Gadget needs a weapon or device to get him out of a fix, he used the many bionic implants, including Gadget Binoculars,
Gadget Umbrella;  inflatable Gadget trench Coat; Gadget Copter (propeller blades in his hat); Gadget Cuffs; Gadget Hands (mechanical hands inside his hat); telescopic Gadget Legs/Arms/Neck; Gadget Legs (with springs); Top-Secret Gadget Hand Phone; Gadget Skates inside his shoes); Gadget Springs (inside his hat and shoes).

In essence, just about any time he need to stop a crime would miraculously pop out of his wardrobe. like a bowtie that turned into a lasso or fingers that transformed into flashlight, pen, screwdriver, drill bit, or corkscrew and even a water pistol  Inspector Gadget activates his "gadgets' by saying the phrase "Go-Go-Go (fill in the gadget)." Oh and we can't forget Inspector's Gadget gadget-laden car called The "Gadgetmobile."

In 1999, Mathew Broderick starred in the live-action movie Inspector Gadget that featured Officer John Brown as a security guard who was chosen to become a cybernetic police officer after being critically injured by a cyber thief.

Mathew Broderick as INSPECTOR GADGET

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