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Gigantor - Huge rocket-propelled robot on the Japanese science fiction cartoon GIGANTOR/SYN/1966.

Gigantor the Robot Flying

Set in the year A.D. 2000, Gigantor was the world's mightiest robot originally designed for warfare but whose powers were later harnessed for peace. It was remotely controlled by a twelve-year-old boy named Jimmy Sparks.

Gigantor's theme song describes its mission:

Gi-GAN-tor, Gi-GAN-tor, Gi-GANNNN-tor.

Gigantor the space-age robot, he's at your command Bigger than big. Taller than tall
Quicker than quick. Stronger that strong.
Ready to fight for right...against wrong.

Bigger than big, taller than tall,
Quicker than quick, stronger than strong.
Ready to fight for right, against wrong.
Gigantor, Gigantor, Gigantor.

Jimmy Sparks sends a message to Gigantor
Jimmy Sparks Sends a Message to Gigantor

A full color update THE NEW ADVENTURES OF GIGANTOR debuted on the Sci-Fi Channel in 1993. The TCJ Production/TransLux series was based on the comic strip Tetsujin 28gO (translated: Iron Man No. 28) created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. See also "Johnny Sokko's Flying Robot"

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