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Kettl;ewell's Robot (K-1) - Massive silver robot (played by Michael Kilgarriff) seen on the 1974-75 episode "Robot" of the British sci-fi series DR WHO/BBC/1963-89.

Professor Kettlewell's K-1 Robot - DOCTOR WHO

Designed by British scientist, Professor Kettlewell (Edward Burnham) the robot, K1, was intended to replace humans in difficult or dangerous tasks--like mining or work involving radiation.

The heavy-footed, slow-paced robot had a deep bass male voice, massive round shoulders and immense strength. The robot's prime directive was "To protect all friends of humanity."

However, an elite group of radical government scientists from the SRS (Scientific Reform Society) who wanted to be the mind for the masses, altered the robots programming to "Humanity must be destroyed!" They instructed K1 to steal atomic weapon codes and to set off all of the ICBM missiles in the world.

With the help of Dr. Who (Tom Baker), an eccentric alien, Professor Kettlewell tried to end the robot's destructive rampage. Unfortunately, the robot killed the Professor with a disintegrating ray and then cried out, "I have killed the one who created me." The guilt over killing his creator drove the robot totally insane.

To stop the deranged robot, the disintegrating ray was turned on K1. Unfortunately, the living metal in the robot's body absorbed the ray's energy and the robot grew to an immense size. It was finally stopped when Dr. Who drenched the robot with a metal munching virus to disintegrate it. See also "K-9"

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